Why Prefer KK Natural Honey?

KK Natural Food Industries is dedicated to providing 100% pure honey, establishing itself as a rapid-growing force in India, backed by BRC and True Source certifications. In a short span, we’ve made a significant mark in the honey community market. As a leader in honey exports from India, we serve the EU, USA, and the Middle East. With a vast network of 1500+ beekeepers, we ensure the finest ‘antibiotic-free‘ and ‘unadulterated‘ honey.

Export Quality & Global Reach
Ensuring export quality and a global presence, we hold over 8 certifications and accreditations that underscore our commitment to excellence.
1500+ Network of Beekeepers
Our extensive network encompasses over 1500 dedicated beekeepers.
Antibiotic Free & Unadulterated Honey.
We guarantee antibiotic-free and pure honey, free from any adulteration.
Offers Retail / Bulk / Private Labels
We provide a range of options including retail, bulk, and private label honey offerings.

KK Natural Honey Variety

The flavor and color of honey are a direct result of the flowers bees frequent. India stands tall among the top 5 biodiverse nations, boasting a tapestry of floral variety. Our honey embodies authenticity in its truest form. Subjected to meticulous scrutiny at authorized laboratories, it enters the market only after triumphing over all requisite assessments. Currently, we offer the following options:

Certifications & Accreditation

Our products have undergone comprehensive evaluations, aligning seamlessly with the precise directives and prerequisites of the International Standardization. Our commitment to upholding regulations, practicing sustainable harvesting, and ensuring top-notch quality throughout the honey and bee products’ procurement, filtration, and processing has earned us the following esteemed certifications.